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Air conditioning services

A/C Repair Service

Repair your Air Conditioner with our Cool & Heat Air Conditioning experts. They will help you with your needs at all times since your comfort is our priority.

A/C Maintenance

Preventive maintenance service can be scheduled monthly or yearly for Residential and Commercial.

Duckwork Service

Our certified company provides installation, repair and maintenance of duct systems. The comfort of our clients is our priority.

WIFI Thermostats

A WiFi thermostat with smart technology can save energy with great ease of operation and temperature control.

A/C Installation

Installation of a central air conditioner requires permits which can be obtained by a certified state licensed contractor.

A/C Mini Split Systems

Ductless HVAC are silent heat pumps and air conditioners, which provide perfect comfort, a quick installation process and low cost.

Heating Systems

We are always thinking of improving your air quality and your comfort through climate control systems with heating equipment, such as heat pump systems.

Air Purification

Improve indoor air quality with a filtration system with a set of certified technological innovations that neutralize any type of virus, bacteria, fungus and mold.

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